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April 10, 2008
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Favs stamp by ankewehner Favs stamp by ankewehner
I fav or collect a deviation if I like it so much I want to be able to find it again, be it for enjoyment, reference, or to show to other people.

Yes, it's interesting to know why someone likes a deviation, but I, personally, feel awkward leaving comments like "that's cute" or "wow" - and I am not willing to spend 5 minutes trying to come up with a more in-depth comment when nothing comes to my mind to start with.

I don't get why some people think getting a compliment in form of a fav entitled them to a comment on top of it. Asking politely if you're really curious is one thing, but demanding a comment, now, that's rude.

Template I used: [link]

I know there are other stamps on the same topic, but I wanted something that was easily readable and not including a complaint directly.
A Fav is a compliment. I won't whine if you don't comment by =TheNeonGryphon
I gove Favs without comment... Where's the Problem? by *iZgo
...sometimes people need to be more grateful by ~eranashine
It's better to Fav and run than not to fav at all by ~dugonline
I don't mind favs without comments by *dracostarhome

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